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MVM cleanup: The management of the state-owned giant has been terminated

MVM cleanup: The management of the state-owned giant has been terminated

unexpectedly has been sent A large part of the state-owned MVM management – the press report is also confirmed by MVM itself. As do MVM array post itAnd

From May 8, 2023, the composition of the senior management of MVM Zrt will change

The company is “transforming the operational management of MVM Zrt., the former deputy general director and the competences of the directorate will change, and the division of tasks and powers related to them will also change.”

According to the official justification MVM Zrt. Simpler and more transparent, which, according to the company, will contribute to improving the group’s competitiveness.


  • József Spilkó Deputy General Manager, Production and Technical;
  • Zoltan Alkir, Deputy General Manager, Infrastructure;
  • Tamás Zoltán Cseh, Director, Group-wide International Trade and Investment Transactions;
  • Balázs Tomaj is the manager in charge of priority matters and relationships at the group level.

who leave senior management:

  • Janus Szilard Somme, Deputy Commercial Director;
  • Benedick Flack, Deputy General Manager, Human Resources and Services;
  • and Magdolna Tokay, Cluster-wide Support Coordination Manager.

According to the announcement, business operations will not be affected by the change, and official information on the composition of the new management will be provided.

What’s in the background?

Dismissals have allegedly happened all week, at least that’s what he knows telex from several sources. The company’s new CEO, Carole Mattray It remained as it was László Fazekas Deputy Chief Financial Officer also means continuity.

At the same time, all other deputy general managers received a “nice letter of dismissal” on Tuesday.

And on Wednesday, company employees can get acquainted with it.

After examining the company, Károly Mátrai was not completely satisfied, he missed the large and common trends between subsidiaries, sub-units and LLCs, where each unit worked based on its own interests and goals.

Something had to be done

said one of the sources.

The wave of replacements in MVM could not end yet: changes have been or will occur at the level of managers, department managers and sub-managers.

We also contacted MVM about this: as soon as they respond we will update our article.

MVM employees will definitely feel this pay increase

They agreed to increase this year’s salary in the MVM group. The wage increase is adjusted uniformly with the wage level of the member firms. Read more >>>

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