The number of infected people is 127.6 million worldwide

The number of infected people is 127.6 million worldwide

Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore CET, according to data released Tuesday morning

127,587,110 people worldwide have been infected with the Coronavirus epidemic, the number of deaths reached 2,791,718, and 72,401543 people have been treated.

The day before, 12,711,6891 infected people were recorded, with 2,783,509 deaths. The infection is present in 192 countries and territories.

Experts say the number of diagnosed cases does not accurately reflect the reality because the number of tests is somewhat limited in every country, and registration criteria also differ.

A disease called Covid-19 caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus is United States of America Hardest hit, with 30,331,025 injured and 550,003 deaths recorded so far.

in Brazil Of 12,573,615 injured and 313,866 deaths, 11,022,192 have been cured.

in India It recorded 12,039,644 injuries and 162,114 deaths, and 11,393,021 recovered from the disease.

in France It recorded 4,615,295 injuries and 95,114 deaths.

In Russia The number of confirmed infections increased to 4,477,916, the number of deaths increased to 96,413 and the number of recoveries increased to 4,099,263.

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The in the UK 4351796 were infected and 126857 died of disease.

In Italy 3544957 infected persons were registered, the number of deaths reached 108,350, and 2870,614 recovered from Covid-19.

In Spain It recorded 3,270,825 injuries and 75,199 deaths.

in Turkey 3,240,577 people have been registered so far, with 31,230 deaths, according to official reports.

In Germany 2,794,949 were injured, 76,139 died, and 2511,417 were cured.

In Colombia 2389779 injured and 63,079 deaths were recorded.

in Argentina 2,322,611 were infected and 55,611 died.

in Poland 2,267,964 injured, 51,932 deaths and 1,824,431 recovered.

In Mexico 2,227,843 patients have been confirmed with the virus and 201,832 have died.

in Iran 1,864,984 infected people were recorded, 62,478 deaths, and 1,600,488 recovered.

in Ukraine The number of infected people reached 1,703,036 deaths and 33,752 deaths, and 1,350,645 recovered.

In China (Excluding Hong Kong and Macau) 101,692 cases were recorded, in addition to 4,841 deaths and 96,504 treatments.

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the spread of the Coronavirus, which had spread from Wuhan, China.

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