Mercedes has admitted that it has made Formula 1 smaller

Mercedes has admitted that it has made Formula 1 smaller

Toto Wolff spoke about Mercedes’ position.

Since the hybrid was introduced in 2014, no team has been able to beat Mercedes among the automakers, which means team boss Toto Wolff could celebrate eight consecutive world championship titles among the manufacturers. This domination is a wonderful achievement in any sport. Wolf A financial timesAt the same time, he admitted that their monopoly was not good for Formula 1 and considered criticism that:

“If our winning streak continues, it will make F1 even smaller, because no one will be watching it anymore.”

In all likelihood, Mercedes will not be able to defend their World Cup title this season, as this year they are only the third power behind Ferrari and Red Bull – however, they can take second place thanks to the reliability of their car and Ferrari’s paralysis. There are still seven major races left in the 22-race season, and the constructors’ schedule currently looks like this:

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