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Lyles tripled, Kypigone doubled – it happened on Saturday

Lyles tripled, Kypigone doubled – it happened on Saturday

Noah Lyles will take home from Budapest with three gold medals (Photo: Getty Images)

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World Championships in Athletics, National Center for Athletics

8. Competition day (television: M4 Sport, Eurosport 1) – Live broadcast on NSO!

Afternoon programme
decathlon, javelin throw, group A
19.25: Men’s pole vault, final Duplantis is the world champion
19.30: Men’s 4 x 400m relay, heats (Daniel Haller, Arpad Kovacs, Attila Molnar, Nudge Levente, Ernie Stegerwald, Zoltán Wahl)
19.55: Women’s 4x400m Relay, Heats (Kerry Bianca, Christ Sarolta, Evelyn Nadazzi, Regina Muhai, Janka Molnar, Fanny Rabai, Simone Virag)
20.10: decathlon, javelin throw, group B
20.15: Women’s shot put, final – Eli is the world champion
20:30 Men’s 800m Final – Arup is the world champion
20.50: 5000m women, final world champion out
21.25: decathlon, 1500m – Lepage is the world champion
21.40: Men’s 4×100 relay, final – The United States is the world champion

21.53: Women’s 4×100 relay, final the The United States is the world champion

Nemzeti Sport’s report on the Athletics World Cup from the website: Samu Senta, Andrea Nemeth, Gergely Bataille, Zabolcs-Vinci, Tamas Nagy Pal (video), Viola Bochtai (video), Zulte Zabuki, Karole Arfai (photo), Miklos Szabo (photo), Atilla Turok (photo)

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