Kim Jong-un's sister sent a mysterious message to the United States

Kim Jong-un’s sister sent a mysterious message to the United States

Kim Jojong, who was the head of the propaganda and agitation department of the Communist Workers’ Party of Korea, which ruled North Korea, was quoted by the official KCNA news agency in Pyongyang as saying that the false expectations cherished by the United States may be disappointing even more bitterly. According to him, the United States is interpreting the situation to reassure itself.

Kim Jong-un supposedly responded that White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said in an interview with ABC television on Sunday that the Washington government found Kim Jong-un’s statement interesting that Pyongyang was also ready for dialogue and confrontation with the United States.

We are waiting for a clear signal from Pyongyang about whether it is ready to sit at the negotiating table and move in this direction.

Sullivan said.

US experts have evaluated Kim’s statement that Pyongyang will stick to a wait-and-see tactic and not provoke the new US government.

The US special envoy to North Korea, Sung Keng, said on Monday that he is ready to meet with North Korean officials at any place and time unconditionally and get a positive response from Pyongyang as soon as possible.

Cover image source: Jorge Silva / Pool via Bloomberg

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