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Judith Varga’s Facebook page is flooded with the name Erica Renner

Judith Varga's Facebook page is flooded with the name Erica Renner

The Minister of Justice spoke about how much the government was doing to protect women. He was reminded of the doctor’s alkaloid condition, but those comments began to be erased. That’s when your spam data started.

The Scale Note that since Thursday Renner Ericafull of the name of the alkali doctor victim shoemaker Judith Comments box for most Facebook posts on the Minister of Justice.

Two days ago, Varga published a post on Women’s Day in which he wrote, among other things,

In this case, the loudest people are usually those who have spoken rather than spoken for 20-25 years. They are the ones who have produced nothing but ideologies over the past 12 years and used victims for political gain. On the contrary, we act!

However, in addition to the unanimous comments, there were also opinions asking the minister why, if it was really important for the government to protect women, why it did not ratify the Istanbul Convention, and there were known cases of abuse. For the general public, like Russian Bernadette Or Erica Renner.

The last comments were deleted by the site administrators, and the real spam data began, so now Erika Renner’s name is mentioned in the majority of comments during all posts in the Minister of Justice. Standard A You can’t do about it, you can do against it Referring to the page, he wrote that the administrators of the Varga Facebook page had tried to delete the attention-grabbing comments one by one until Friday morning, but had already stopped.

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The You can’t do about it, you can do against it Page Editor Measure vera Comment on the case for Mers

It is illegal to prevent citizens from asking questions to a public official in an educated manner. Regarding Erica Rayner, the ban is also shocking, as the minister claims to be committed to the cause of protecting victims.

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