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Jeff Bezos’ housekeeper was forced to experience inhuman horrors

Jeff Bezos’ housekeeper was forced to experience inhuman horrors

His former housekeeper has filed a lawsuit against billionaire businessman Jeff Bezos, citing, among other things, dangerous working conditions, health risks and long non-stop hours. The Amazon founder denies the accusations, according to which the woman decided to file a lawsuit after Bezos’ legal team did not accept her request for a settlement worth nine million dollars.

According to Mercedes Wadda, the former housekeeper of Bezos’ house, she and her team were forced to work in unsanitary conditions in 14-hour shifts without breaks. Cleaning staff were also allowed to use the residence’s restrooms for very limited hours (when the family was home, subordinates were prohibited), and They were instructed to use some dangerous chemicals which caused them to get urinary tract infections regularly.

Official documents also revealed that employees were expected to work almost invisibly. When the Bezos family was home, the cleaning ladies were only allowed into the residence to perform cleaning tasks. In cases like thisIf they had to go to the toilet, they had to climb out the laundry room window into the corridor, Which led to a mechanical room through which they had to descend to the bathroom.

Other Wadih complaints include the lack of designated rest areas for employees, and cleaners being forced to eat their meals in the laundry room.

Jeff Bezos and his girlfriend Lauren SanchezSource: AFP/Pawan Sharma

According to the woman, her former employer used negative discrimination against her Spanish-speaking subordinates, and when she complained about the treatment, she was summarily dismissed. The plaintiff claims to have sufficient evidence to support his claims.

However, Bezos denies these accusations. The Amazon founder says through his representative that Wadia only filed the lawsuit after Bezos’ legal team rejected his request for a $9 million settlement.

Mercedes and Daa may sue the third richest man in the world for millions. The woman filed legal proceedings not only against Bezos, but also against two companies that were charged with supervising the management of the businessman’s assets.

The outcome of the lawsuit is still uncertain, but one thing is certain: the businessman will not have financial problems if he is forced to pay, as his current assets are estimated at approximately $150 billion.

source: Richer

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