According to Nepszava, the proposal of the Swedish presidency is expected to be supported by the governments of the member states.

By the end of May, the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the European Union plans to hold a hearing on the state of the rule of law in Hungary under the seven-article procedure, he writes. people talk Referring to EU sources.

According to the newspaper, the governments of the member states have not yet approved the proposal, but according to its information, they will support the proposal.

The action — they stated — began in September 2018, after the European Parliament approved Sargentini’s report detailing violations of the law in Hungary. Since then, European Affairs Ministers have from time to time put discussion of the contents of the resolution on the agenda. The next step will be to formulate specific recommendations for the Hungarian government, which the representatives urged in a letter addressed to the successive presidency a few days ago.

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The process according to Article 7 is independent of the procedures of the rule of law, within the framework of which the payment of part of the financial funds to the community has been suspended. The purpose is to determine whether the core values ​​of the European Union are being seriously violated in Hungary.

EU money: The European Parliament is increasing pressure on the Hungarian government

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The European Parliament expressed its opinion on the annual rule of law report for all member states published by the European Commission last summer.

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“During the morning, I had a constructive discussion with Didier Reynders, the commissioner in charge of law enforcement. The technical negotiations regarding judicial obligations were concluded. We are awaiting the decision of the Board of Commissioners,” Justice Minister Judith Varga said on her Facebook page.