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January 26 – From a cow farting to obesity – the stupidest kind of taxes on World Customs Day

Today is International Customs Day, and its purpose and celebration are unknown, except that customs and tax administrations do not operate in a strange way today. However, there are countless lame taxes and fees in the world that, despite their names, often serve real and logical purposes, and we’ve gathered a few of them:

Here we have one of our favorites, the cow far from Estonia, Spain and Denmark, which, despite its name, serves a very dangerous purpose. The tax aims to reduce the greenhouse gases produced by cows.

Recently, by the way, Australia has also tried to introduce a new type of tax, but at the moment, the cow sector lobby of livestock societies is strongly against taxing cows fart.

On the other hand, Italians considered tax umbrellas in Conegliano as a kind of reservation fee, as restaurant owners tried to increase the number of guests paying for more and more tables placed on the street, and the local government decided to pay taxes to restaurant owners based on the number of their umbrellas to the city.

The Balearic Islands (which also includes Mallorca, Menorca, and Ibiza) have gone further, and tourists arriving in the country have to pay taxes on sunlight. The tax is spent on the maintenance of the tourist sites, that is, the sites used by the tourists are preserved.

Food and alcohol are heavily taxed in most countries in order to reduce the population’s consumption, or at least to fund the additional medical costs of health that are caused by obesity or severe addiction.

These are lists of local – and at the same time stupid international – tax the chip tax, the tax on Mexican sugar drinks, or the multi-Indian cinema tax. But this includes the Australian alcohol tax, which consumers have to pay the tax on depending on the degree of alcohol, so in the continental country, only beer has more than 16 different taxes depending on the strength of the liquid bread chosen for consumption.

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