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It turns out where Hungarians want it the most
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It turns out where Hungarians want it the most

A remote exotic archipelago is at the top of our quest list.

The latest is done by a travel website called Bounce study I searched for the most popular destinations in some countries. The search analyzed Google searches for flights, hotels, and vacations based on data from the past twelve months.

Based on all this, the Maldives is the preferred destination for Hungarians, as Hungary shows the sixth highest interest in the islands located between Africa and Australia, with a total of 1,850 searches on Google.

The Maldives ranked first in nine countries around the world, most of which come from the United States. Famous for its beautiful beaches, luxury resorts, almost year-round summer weather, swimming with sharks and diving in coral reefs, it’s no wonder it’s a popular honeymoon and family vacation destination. The Maldives received 2,457,000 searches worldwide.

Other popular destinations in 2022 include India, Singapore, Costa Rica, and Mexico, with Las Vegas, New York, and Miami appearing (with Budapest taking 27th on the list).

What do Hungarian tourists think of the Maldives? Blue skies, clear sea, white sandy beaches – it is no coincidence that the Maldives has become a popular destination for Hungarian travelers, as it is now available without quarantine. The Maldives awaits its visitors with a wide range of programs and now we have selected a group of lesser known programs.

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The visual plans are done, so Ferihegy Terminal 1 will look like this

Wizz Air launches flights from Hévíz and Debrecen to popular holiday destinations

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