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It is difficult for me to accept this sad news

It is difficult for me to accept this sad news

Balázs Pali told the story of his friendship with Péter Kaszás in his latest Facebook post.

Do you remember your house…? When I first contacted you at the beginning of 2000, thanks to Gábor Kiszabó, your wife, Anni, opened the door and took us directly back to your studio.

I entered excitedly, full of anticipation, into that “little” workshop, the sanctuary, where gold and platinum records were scattered on the wall, where so many things had already been born. We shook hands, introduced ourselves, looked into each other's eyes. Then you took me on a tour of your studio and we started talking normally, like people who have known each other for 100 years. “I told you about myself, you told me about yourself… Our first in-person meeting confirmed to me why I wanted to meet you… Why your songs once touched me so deeply,” the singer began his emotional write-up.

“A few weeks later, my phone rang and I said the following: I wrote two songs for you, if you want, come and listen to them… Do you remember, Beatek? With almost this momentum, I had already set. I went out to Erzsébet, sat behind the mixing desk, and sang the songs Beautifully experimental and arranged…”

It's hard for me to understand this sad news… In fact, it's almost impossible now… With sadness in my heart, I want to thank you with this song for your work as a composer, your friendship and your extreme kindness. Special Personality, which is our biggest joint success to date.

Do you remember your house…? I said in the summer of 2000 that this would be the “bond”, and it was. He took me forward, and I went with him through ditches and bushes…for 23 years. This recording, released a few minutes ago, is for you, for you…just as we repressed it with “my band” in November 2023 (so I can live by your words) Rest in peace, Peter Casas! “

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