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Istvan Gyorgy: The vaccination campaign is coming, at the end of the week, half a million people will be vaccinated in one week

He said that Hungary is already third in the European Union vaccination rankings, and the number of people who have already been vaccinated is 721677, of whom 252,847 have already received the second vaccination, but we are competing with the passage of time. Gyorgy Istvan Secretary of State, head of the National Vaccination Squad. Therefore, the vaccination strategy has been modified, and the goal is to get at least the first vaccine as soon as possible, so that all registered people can get vaccinated by April 11th.

Currently, shipments of vaccines are slow to arrive from Western manufacturers, so the vaccines that are received must be managed.

Now the rapid vaccine has come to life

The Foreign Minister said. That is why the government stepped in to buy Russian and Chinese vaccines.

GPs charge 40-80,000 Ft for work on weekends, in order to speed up vaccination. In addition, the date for the second vaccination with Pfizer and AstraZeneca has been postponed. All vaccinations are included in the program and less are booked. Every piece of Pfizer’s shipment, which arrives on Tuesday, will be released for immunization. Last week, GPs received 275,000 Chinese vaccines, and this week 250,000. This allows you to make great strides.

The vaccination schedule starts next week from Wednesday to Wednesday: Pfizer and AstraZeneca will go to hospital vaccination points, and Moderna and Sinopharm will go to GPs. Vaccination of the elderly continues with three vaccinations, as 45 doses of Chinese vaccine are available per GP clinic, in addition to 30,800 moderna, while 10,000 doses are vaccinated in nursing homes. 114,600 Pfizer vaccines are being taken to hospital vaccination points, where GPs can send the elderly.

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Chronic patients under the age of 60 continue to be vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine, and the possibility of extending it to those over the age of 60 is being investigated. So far, general practitioners have been vaccinated with this vaccine, but 74,000 doses of the vaccine will be delivered to hospital vaccination points and patients will be vaccinated over the weekend.

Stakeholders will be notified via SMS of the location and time of the expected vaccination.

The second round of vaccinations is also continuing, which now means 49,180 doses. In total, more than 395,000 registered elderly will be able to be vaccinated by next Wednesday. More than half a million vaccines will be given in one week.

Robert’s Kiss The Lieutenant Colonel, Deputy Head of the Service Center, confirmed that the rules for business trips abroad are changing, and destination countries that Hungarian citizens should not automatically go to official quarantine at home have been revealed.

In the past 24 hours, police have taken action in 100 cases for violating mask-wearing rules. Due to the failure to wear the general mask, 72 cases were conducted in cities with a population of more than 10,000 people. In 23 cases, no mask was worn in stores. Robert Case said measures had to be taken against 5 people on public transportation.

On Monday, 348 cases of curfew violations had to be dealt with. A total of 44,840 cases had to be treated so far. 73 police actions were taken for violations of transit rules. In 12,432 cases, the official home quarantine was examined, 6,473 new cases were issued on Tuesday, and a total of 35,023 shortages were in effect.

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The epidemic is progressing at a tremendous pace in Europe and Hungary as well. The number of new infections reached 2,764, an increase of 435,689 from the beginning of the epidemic. The majority of the 130 deaths were elderly and chronically ill people, bringing the number of deaths to 15,188. The number of people who are cured is constantly increasing, currently 324,202 people, but the number of active injured has also increased to 96,299 people. 6,071 coronavirus patients are being treated in hospital, 581 of them on ventilators – describing data for the past 24 hours Muller Cecilia Chief National Medical Officer.

The youngest of the deceased was 16 years old and with severe underlying disease. Doctors find that many people fall ill very quickly and are hospitalized within hours. Each vaccine is so effective that it can prevent serious complications from taking the patient to the hospital.

The British mutant is mainly responsible for the rapid rise in case numbers, but the South African variant has also been discovered in five cases.

A rapid spread of infection is expected in Hungary

Chief Medical Officer said.

The UK Public Health Service said that 14 days after the first dose of AstraZeneca, a large and measurable amount of antibodies are released into the body, and after 35 days, the vaccine is 73% effective. In the more than 80s, more than 80 percent effectiveness in preventing serious diseases has been measured.

The Pfizer vaccine for those over 80 reduced their chance of dying by 83 percent after just one dose. A single dose jansen vaccine is expected to be approved by the European authority, but it provides protection of 86 percent among those vaccinated in the United States and 82 percent in South Africa. It also prevented disease progression without symptoms in 74 percent.

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In Israel, nearly half of the population has already been immunized, and the number of new infections and deaths has decreased dramatically since the second half of January. The UAE uses the Sinopharm vaccine, and more than six million people have been vaccinated, and none of those who were vaccinated entered the ICU and none of them died.


What to do for someone who registered by mail but has not yet been contacted?

They ask for patience, everyone registered will be in line.

Can flu patients request vaccination?

If you have a disease at the time of vaccination, then vaccination should be postponed. If you are sick, inform the Vaccination Center and get a new appointment.

Infostart: Can a vaccinated person spread the infection?

There is not enough experience with this yet. But anyone showing symptoms is likely to spread the infection. There is a growing body of data on vaccines that also prevent transmission to some extent.

InfoRadio: Does the number of vaccines offered depend on the volume of practice?

They can actually take into account practice volume and the proportion of enrolled and chronic patients.

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