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Indicator – Economy – Ganz launched a development project worth HUF 4.65 billion

Indicator – Economy – Ganz launched a development project worth HUF 4.65 billion

They will renew the tools and equipment used in production, as well as modernize the entire machinery. According to Ganz's long-term strategy, the improvements are transforming the plant into a modern production plant, so that it can serve the renewable energy sector better than before.

According to the announcement, the entire investment is expected to be completed within two years. Thanks to this, Ganz expects a significant increase in orders for the rotating machinery business in the coming period, and sales revenues may triple within three years, according to business plans.

At the same time, the company is doubling the number of employees working at the company.

It is reported that Ganz resumed production in 2020 at its factory in Tapiuszeli, and now the transformers and rotary machines manufactured by the company can be found in all industries.

They added that Ganz had previously focused on servicing orders from the nuclear energy sector, in addition to service and renewal orders from the energy sector. However, after production resumed four years ago, the focus shifted to meeting the needs of the renewable energy sector.

They also stated that in recent years the company has been able to significantly increase the sales volume of rotating machinery in both the Hungarian and European markets through the production of engines and generators. The heavy machinery that comes out of Ganz factories is used in most countries of Europe and the Middle East.

Back in the Hungarian monarchy

Ganz Transzformátor- és Villamos Forgópégyártó Kft. In 2020, after the commencement of liquidation proceedings against CG Electric Systems Hungary Zrt. In July 2020, the company bought the Ganz plant in Tápiószele at auction. As a result of the reorganization, the company became stronger and, after more than 15 years, it was 100 percent Hungarian again.

The company manufactures unique high-voltage electrical equipment: transformers, motors and generators at the Tapiószele plant, and also provides related service activities to its customers. The company employs more than 400 workers and is one of the most important employers in the region.

According to publicly available company data, net sales of Ganz transformers and electric rotary machines amounted to Kft. In 2022, €43,893 million, compared to €22,749 million the previous year. The company closed 2022 with a profit of 2.295 million euros, and in 2021 profits after tax amounted to 3.02 million euros.