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Index – Sport – The men’s shirt team has been placed in the easy group, the heaviest women’s group at the Olympic Games

Index - Sport - The men's shirt team has been placed in the easy group, the heaviest women's group at the Olympic Games

The draw was held Sunday evening in Rotterdam after the men’s Olympic qualifying tournament, in which the Croats finally won the stake after a thrilling five-meter duel.

Tamas Marks The European champions welcomed the Italian world champions from the first hat, but apart from them, the national teams of America, South Africa, Greece and Japan should not be a serious problem for the squad.

I think the other group is much stronger, I would have been happier if one of the Slavic teams had joined our side. From this group, I think we’re right to bid for first or second place, but it doesn’t really matter which one we get, because in the quarter-finals, a very tough opponent will come from the other branch anyway.

– Quoting the association’s website Tamás Märcz, who said that the group could be strengthened if the South Africans retreated, in which case the Russians would replace them. He added that the Serbian defenders have a call to the squad, which may provide good preparation, but the final program will be put together in a few days.

Judge Attila Her women’s national team will play with the US defenders, the third Russia in the last Olympics, and the Chinese and Japanese hosts in group fights. In both competitions, the top four advance to the quarter-finals.

“Our draw is the same as it was in Rio, we are already meeting the American team in the group again. Whether that means good or bad then it turns out that there will be a joint training camp with them this time as well, where we can identify them. Obviously they are off the field, but they are They are not defeated. We know the Russians well, and are not afraid of them, but I am very curious about the Japanese, and I am sure that they can cause unpleasant minutes for everyone, and they should not be described, ”said Attila Pero, who said the Chinese will be strong.

So the group is balanced, we have to go ahead and then successfully take the quarter-finals against a strong opponent. We are confident that we will continue to improve until the Olympics, and we will be ready to fight the battle

The leader of the federal women’s national team assessed the lottery.

Men’s gymnastics groups
the group:
Italy, Hungary, United States, South Africa, Greece, Japan

Group B:
Spain, Serbia, Australia, Kazakhstan, Montenegro, Croatia

Women’s gymnastics groups
the group:
Australia, Spain, Netherlands, Canada, South Africa

Group B:
United States, Russia, Hungary, China, Japan


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