Index – Overseas – A man dies in the United States as a result of police abuse

A thirty-year-old man from North Carolina died in December after police officers kneeled over his neck for nearly five minutes. mentioned And CNN. According to a lawyer for a family complaining about the accident, the victim, Angelo Quinto, has suffered from anxiety, depression and paranoia in recent months and is receiving treatment from them.

The police were originally called by the man’s sister after she feared that the mother was in a serious condition that the seriously ill man would abuse his mother. Before the authorities arrived, his mother, Maria Quinto Collins, pressed Quinto to his chest, and he claimed that he had already begun to calm down. However, the arriving police officers made no attempt to understand the situation, immediately pulled the man from between the mother’s arms, flung him to the ground, and kneeled on his neck for about five minutes, completely ignoring the man’s request:

Please don’t kill me!

As a result of the violent action, Quinto lost consciousness. He was then taken to the local hospital, where he died three days later.

The family’s lawyer knows the police did not wear a body camera, but the mother recorded part of the incident using her phone. This shows Angelo Quinto lying motionless with his face bloody, then as paramedics coming out apply chest compressions to him.

Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office recently informed CNN that the case is still under investigation by the county attorney’s office.

Isabella Collins, Angelo Quinto’s brother, was totally devastated, she said, calling the police officers to help prevent the situation from getting worse, and she didn’t think it would be the end of it.

As the family attorney pointed out, the case is eerily similar to that of George Floyd in May To kill, Which led to suspected racism and mass riots began in the United States.

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