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Index – Meanwhile – Tunde Keszel spoke about Hunyadi’s partner Donatella: “He will often be a guest in our house”

Index – Meanwhile – Tunde Keszel spoke about Hunyadi’s partner Donatella: “He will often be a guest in our house”

Mother and daughter have a special and strong bond.

Hunyadi Donatella is this year Dancing with the starsHe appeared in public for the first time without his mother, Tunde Kiszel. All the productions of the graduated singer immediately excited the calendar singer, and in the end she couldn’t even bear to say goodbye without tears. As she previously revealed, Donatella took part in the TV2 dance show because she wanted to get out of her mother’s shadow, so they could finally take care of her herself. Although the star mother is very proud, she doesn’t understand why her daughter was excluded from the show.

The studio commented: “Of course I’m disappointed, because there could have been so much more to Donatella, I don’t think she should have been left out.” PepperNak keszl.

“If need be, if you need it, I will comfort you, but as I know, though she is strong, she is shaken after a little grief. For her purpose of being known, not of being known as my daughter, has been fulfilled.

My little girl has become a grown woman, and this is a miracle! I’m so proud of him because I saw how much work he put in, and how humble he was to work with Denny every day to bring the best production on the air. He tried to get sick all week, but he didn’t tell anyone, and he didn’t want to score points

said the mother who loved Donatella’s dance partner very much.

And here is his partner, Dennis, who has been a great stronghold by his side the whole time. My heart is full of gratitude that he has such a partner, their friendship doesn’t end when they are eliminated. I am sure you will be a guest in our home often, and we look forward to welcoming you!

He said.

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