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Index – Meanwhile – Anikko Molnar's reaction to János Galvolje's words criticizing celebrities

Index – Meanwhile – Anikko Molnar's reaction to János Galvolje's words criticizing celebrities

In recent days, János Galvolji has been harshly critical of the quality of today's television programs and the local celebrities who appear on screens. In the past, “not everyone was on TV, today everyone is on screen,” said award-winning actor Kossuth and Jászai Mari. As he said, popularity in his time was different than it is now, and had not been given so easily a long time ago.

“If someone can pop three with his ears, he is already a celebrity, and then it will be written that he divorced Jeezy, but Jeezy has a three-humped camel, which he just took on vacation to Oman.” – said the actor.

Photo: Zsoufi Szolar/Patricia Bodnar/Index

For some reason, Aniko Molnar felt she had to respond to Galvolji's words on her social media page, and expressed her opinion in a long post.

“Yes, you're right. In the past, you had to wait five years to get a car. There was no television on Mondays, and if we wanted to make a phone call, we would walk to the kiosk on First Street with a wad of coins in our pockets. One banana in every store. Whoever got it, got it under the counter. We respected the teachers and the police, and we were afraid of them too. In the past, the word was important. If you didn't go on a date, you let the person down because he didn't have a cell phone in his pocket. “To text him. Not to you. In the past, there were no malls, no movie theaters, we would go to the countryside on vacation. Whoever got on the plane was king and had a limited amount of certified exportable currency. You're right.” – He began Molnár's Facebook post, which says that in the past there were fewer celebrities because there wasn't as much competition.

In the past, there were fewer celebrities, almost no celebrities, so they lived well, made a living, because there was no competition. It is now. Because the world is changing. It is known that the pensions of old celebrities are small, so in addition to their difficult living, the farm…or any show that the artist despises is a great help. Because even if that were not the case, it was very likely that some of them would end up with the unfortunate fate that a few of them had already achieved by their own hands…

According to the OnlyFans model, the world has really changed: today more people can be featured, which some people take advantage of. He added that he himself did not see what was wrong with this.

“Nothing is mandatory. You don't even have to look. There are a million options according to everyone's taste and level. It doesn't hurt me that young or old, smart or even stupid can experience a different and interesting world. It doesn't hurt me. Playboy would also be boring if I appeared in it The same woman for 50 years. That's it, that's the order of life. Okay, I'll knead, here you go…” he concluded.

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