Index - Culture - They swear in Hungarian in the American Netflix series

Index – Culture – They swear in Hungarian in the American Netflix series

The Infinite Matryoshka (Russian Doll) Appearing on screen in 2019, Karakan and Nadia Vovokov (Natasha Lyonne), voiced by the constant smoking, were at the center of the unusual story in the Netflix series. The woman, easily identifiable by her shaggy, red hair and dark dress, found herself in an impossible situation in Part One: for some reason, she was stuck in a time loop at her 36th birthday party, which is why she had the same night over and over again.

It is true that many recent productions have relied on this kind of time travel, but Infinite matryoshka Thanks to easy-to-eat dramas for half an hour, protagonist Natasha Lyonne’s cynical and lifelong style has become a series indispensable.

It was a big question if the show makers could bring anything new for season two. We have good news, a Infinite matryoshka The second part, which appeared on Netflix on April 20, did not fall into the self-replicating trap. In fact, Leslye Headlands took the story in a direction we never thought possible.

Of course, there’s a time journey this time too, but instead of a time loop a Quantum leap The writers continued to weave the series on the path he took. The point is, Nadia is going through something supernatural on top of the New York subway, because when she gets off the train, she finds herself in the 80s,

On top of that, as it turns out, it’s not in your skin.

As stated at the beginning of the article, it is not easy to suspect Nadia, taking advantage of the situation. He sets out to chart his family’s past, while communicating with a criminal with or without you, and returns with an unexpected travel companion once again. It’s an interesting draw that the protagonist isn’t trapped now, he just bounces back and forth in time and does it all with confidence until he gets lost well. By the way, Leon is carrying the show on her back more subtly than in Season 1, Nadia’s character may not have another actress on Earth who could play with more nature.

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This season is especially exciting for us Hungarians

The Infinite matryoshka In the second part, the protagonist has Hungarian ancestors when his grandmother begins to argue with him in Hungarian. Later, in the fourth part, Nadia will go to Budapest with her friend, where she will start right away.

The oath, in Hungarian, leads to the grief of an old lady, played by none other than Jászai Prize winner Piroska Molnar.

The godmother In addition to the protagonist, Hungarian actors abound in the Netflix series: among others, the latest ToxicityBalázs Czukor and golden lifeAlso known as Francesca Farcas also appears on screen.

Budapest also plays a major role in To endless matryoshkaSince the second season was filmed with us, it is easy to get acquainted with the Hungarian metro – exactly the Astoria station, where time travel takes place, or the Western railway station.

The Netflix time travel series is a fun experience due to its illustrious hero and unique tone, but the fact that the second part has received so many Hungarian aspects and they still speak a lot of Hungarian in the new parts… is a must. To endless matryoshkaBa. Plus, it’s easy to grind into history, season one is short, it’s all over the place, and it seems like a lot to itself. And the second season is really the cake decoration. (8/10)

Infinite Matryoshka is available on Hungarian on Netflix.

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