January spring is over

January spring is over

Spring of January is over – here are the details

A cold front arrives on Wednesday, rain and showers are expected in many places, and in the late evening there may be some snow in Transdanubia. During the day, strong and strong southwesterly winds are moving more and more to the northwest. We can measure 5-11 degrees at dawn, and 7-15 degrees in the afternoon, and there will be a place in the northwest and west where it is warmer in the morning and cooler in the afternoon.

Thursday We can prepare for snowy nights in the southwest, snow in the southwest, and more rain in the southeast and east. The precipitation is heading east in the morning, the clouds are breaking apart more and more from the northwest, and the sun is shining. In the afternoon, a few showers of rain may fall in the east and a blizzard in the northwest. The northwest wind is strong and strong in many places. The maximum temperature ranges between 4 and 8 degrees only.

on Friday We can prepare for sunny weather brilliantly. There will be a small cloud in the sky and the wind is weakening. More severe frosts are expected in the morning, the lowest temperature will be between -10 and -3 ° C, but it may be cooler in frost. Even during the day, we can only measure values ​​between -1 and +3 degrees.

in a. Saturday The precipitation reaches the eastern part of the country, which may mostly fall in the form of snow, but in some places, laminar precipitation is also not excluded. Elsewhere, sunny weather will be typical. Air movement will be weak. It will be hot again in the morning, with a high of -9° and -2°C and a minimum of -2 to +4°C during the day.

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Sunday There is also a predominance of sunny weather, but in some places there may be little snow, snow and showers. After a frosty morning, 0, +4 degrees is expected in the early afternoon.

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