Index - Local - Catalin Novak sees a serious chance that more people will leave the EPP after the Fides

Index – Local – Catalin Novak sees a serious chance that more people will leave the EPP after the Fides

Catalin Novak has also spoken out on the EPP and the Zolt Petrie case To the Hungarian nation In a given interview.

I see a serious chance that there will be parties that formally separate from the EPP in the future

– Minister Without Portfolio for Families answered the question of whether he considered it possible for other parties to pursue Fidesz in life outside of the Tory family. The minister added that

He said there were still a number of parties in the EPP that would still work with Fides.

He does not yet know what role the Conservative Party family could play in a right-wing coalition in the future, nor has he provided a definitive answer as to whether the two extreme right-wing groups in the European Parliament, the Conservative and Reformists (ECR) and the Identity and Reform Party, could merge into Future, only the Democracy (ID) group responded that this cooperation was not unprecedented. Prime Minister Victor Orban Recently discussed in Budapest Former Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, leader of the identity party called the League, and Polish Prime Minister Matthews Murawiecki, whose party, Law and Justice, has been politicized in the ECR.

It’s still difficult to predict what happens to EPP. If the upcoming German federal elections

The Christian Democratic Union / Christian Social Union is not working to consolidate its ranks, for fear of being excluded from the ruling coalition. The question is whether someone from the center-right parties concludes that they have lost their popularity and that they are not looking for allies on the left.

Explained by Catalin Novak.

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Nevertheless, he said it was certain that maintaining a good relationship with German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU party, and that Fides was looking for cooperation with parties that wanted to reform the European Union from within. The minister said the latter would not clash with Germany’s far-right Alternative Party, which would leave Germany out of the European Union.

Regarding Germany, Novak also said that he found the dismissal of Zollt Petrie outrageous and that Michael Roth, Germany’s European Affairs Minister, publicly welcomed the decision by football club Hertha BSC. Yes, he answered a question about whether he considers Germany a country governed by the rule of law.

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