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Index – FOMO – Jeffrey Dahmer’s father is preparing to sue Netflix

Index – FOMO – Jeffrey Dahmer’s father is preparing to sue Netflix

Netflix has released two productions in recent weeks About Jeffrey DahmerWorld Health Organization Between 1978 and 1991 Seventeen men kill me. one of them The The Beast: The Jeffrey Dahmer Storyand the other The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes It was a chain. Both work in a short time to great popularity Acquired from the streaming service provider, they have held the top spot in the favorites of Hungarian users for a long time. But Jeffrey Dahmer’s relatives, including his father, weren’t thrilled when they learned of the production.

American Sun Information The father of the serial killer, 86-year-old Lionel Dahmer, is considering suing Netflix, the guardian said. Dahmer Sr. complained about not being approached before the series was published, and did not ask permission to use it. audio recordings.

Lionel Dahmer currently lives in Ohio, according to reports Since the release of the Netflix series He has become a nerve wreck as crazy fans keep visiting his property. The man’s guardian also indicated that Dahmer was willing to do anything to protect himself. To the best of his knowledge, he said, no one had approached the man before the products appeared. He added that they had already spoken to several lawyers because of the chaos that had ensued.

Lionel and his lawyer gather information regarding a possible lawsuit against the producers and possibly Netflix

– he said, noting that no one cared about the old man’s well-being before the series appeared.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s father actually published a book in 1994 Father’s story titled, where she told how it affected her when she found out her son was a serial killer. As he explains in the book, he never thought his son would be able to kill.

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(Cover photo: Lionel Dahmer in 1994. Photo: Steve Kagan/Getty Images)