TV2 has released an extraordinary advertisement for Exatlon Hungary All Star!

TV2 has released an extraordinary advertisement for Exatlon Hungary All Star!


After three successful seasons, the fight between heroes and challengers continues, but by no means: Exatlon Hungary All Star is coming on TV2!

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After three seasons, over 300 episodes and nearly 4,000 races, the eternal struggle of Champions and Challengers continues with an extraordinary season: Exatlon Hungary All Star is coming!

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In the past three years, nearly 100 riders have competed on the breathtaking tracks of the Dominican Republic, but This time, teams of former players can battle each other in a decisive showdown.

TV2 announced a great season for Exatlon Hungary!
Photo: TV2

In the history of the reality of popular extreme sports on TV2 soon Opens a new chapter.

In Season 4, the iconic faces of the previous series will form a team of 8-8 champions and challengers, so fans can expect more duels and tense situations than ever before.

There will be no shortage of surprises other than hard quests, and eternal contradictions and past eras will be given new strength, promising more transformative weeks.

Wednesday evening at nine o’clock TV2 announce: It turns out who in red and blue can return to the wonderful Caribbean From January 3And This will give you another chance to win and it will also be revealed if the heroes will now be able to take revenge on the opponents.

The competitors are:

In Team Challengers Hanna Szabó-Thomka, Péter Mischinger, Blint Herczeg-Kis, Dorina Salander, Gréta Novák, Gergely Rozs, Dorka Pap, András Kása and Kata Huszti compete.

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In the champions team Doctor. Gabriela Bossa, Zuzu Kempf, Isabella Ogvari, Patrick Esztergalios, Alexandra Kocsis, Renata Racucci, Miklos Ungvari, Dorothea Szabo, Andras Viraj and Christiaan Somije will test their skills!

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