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Index – Economy – What happened to Hungarian solar panels exceeds all imagination

Index – Economy – What happened to Hungarian solar panels exceeds all imagination

The number of smaller solar systems that operate mainly in families exceeded a quarter of a million units in November. With the installation of new facilities by the end of the year, the index rose to more than 255,000.

The Ministry of Energy explained in its statement that this represents a more than four-fold increase compared to the end of the last decade.

Last year, Hungary achieved a historic record of progress in residential use of green energy

– The Ministry announced, noting that in 2023 the number of solar energy plants under 50 kilowatts increased by 85 thousand, more than in any previous year.

Last year, more of them were built than in the previous two years in total, almost the same number as had been built by the end of 2020.

The previous forecast made it likely that the 200,000 level would be reached by 2030, which was not only achieved last year but also largely exceeded, they stated in the announcement.

It is possible to apply for a grant of up to 5 million Hungarian forints

The total installed capacity of small household power plants rose from less than 1,500 MW to more than 2,300 MW in one year. Thus, its share of the total domestic solar energy capacity of more than 5,600 MW exceeded 40 percent.

For the installation of modern solar energy systems, a grant of up to 5 million HUF per property can be obtained

– The Ministry noted that the government helps Hungarian households produce and store green energy through the Napenergia Plusz programme.

“Using clean energy that is produced for its own purposes and that can be allocated for subsequent consumption increases household self-sufficiency and reduces electricity bills,” MTI quoted the announcement as saying. We previously wrote about the details of the support program in detail here.

(Cover photo: Brendon Thorne/Bloomberg/Getty Images)