Kim Jongun's sister sent a harsh message to the United States

Kim Jongun’s sister sent a harsh message to the United States

Kim Joo Jung, North Korea’s main sister, said Tuesday that if the new US government wants peace, it should “avoid bad luck.”

Kim Jo Jung, Kim Jongun’s main sister in North Korea, holds herself a high position in the Communist Korean Workers’ Party, which rules the country.

According to the Korean Central News Agency, the influential Kim Joo Jung, above all, objected to the joint spring exercises between the United States and South Korea. The statement was issued a day before the US Secretary of State and Defense Commander’s visit to Seoul.

We take this opportunity to warn the new US leadership that is trying to blow off the smell of gunpowder on our soil. If you want peaceful dreams for the next four years, you must refrain from being left behind as soon as you take your first steps. “

The Korean Central News Agency quoted Saeed Kim Joo Jung.

Kim Joo Jung, who has become known in his remarks as a staunch critic of the Seoul leadership, added that conducting military exercises and hostilities is incompatible with dialogue and cooperation. He deeply despised South Korea for limiting the military exercises to computer simulations due to the coronavirus epidemic and domestic political and economic difficulties.

He stated that inter-Korean relations, which began to develop in 2018, will not return soon, and North Korea will be awaiting further possible provocations. He also said that Pyongyang is considering withdrawing from the inter-Korean military agreement to ease tensions on the border. He added that the leadership of the communist country is also looking at dissolving a number of organizations to improve cooperation with South Korea.

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The White House said on Monday that North Korea has so far rejected US attempts at dialogue. During his tenure as former US President Donald Trump, the United States embarked on a spectacular policy of easing against North Korea. Trump met North Korean leader Kim Jongun three times, on an occasion in the Ban Ninja Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea. Negotiations stalled after they were unable to reach agreement on, among other things, lifting punitive measures against Pyongyang.

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