Index - Culture - Elon Musk's mother knew her 3-year-old son was a genius

Index – Culture – Elon Musk’s mother knew her 3-year-old son was a genius

May Musk, the mother of model Elon Musk, already knew that her son had special abilities when he was young. Yahoo Entertainment.

While promoting her new diary – The Woman Creates a Plan: Advice for a Life Full of Adventure, Beauty and Success – on CBS, the 72-year-old model, nutrition consultant, said about her older son, who was not, by the way, the richest man the world. At the age of three, he showed signs of genius.

Well, I already knew he was a genius when he was 3 years old, but you can’t tell if he’s going to do really cool things.

Dear said my momAnd then he added, that’s because a lot of these geniuses don’t do anything with their own capabilities.

So I was really excited when he started his first big project. I know this is common now, but it was unusual at the time, especially to invest in the ward’s initial experiences.

May Musk explained, and continues to do so, over time, Elon thought the banking system also needed a little help with what it had to do, so he created PayPal. Then he asked if he should do space exploration, solar energy or electric cars.

I told him to pick one, but of course he didn’t listen, he started dealing with the whole thing.

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