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Index – Abroad – Was Gaddafi’s overthrow a tragic mistake?

Index – Abroad – Was Gaddafi’s overthrow a tragic mistake?

The campaign, inspired by France and launched jointly with Great Britain in 2011, to overthrow Colonel Gaddafi was a huge mistake – Tell To The Times, the then Libyan intelligence chief, who retired in 2014 as a colonel.

the Tripoli Man: Memoirs of a Secret Agent In his book, he strongly criticized Nicolas Sarkozy for overthrowing Gaddafi’s authority.

The military operation was brilliantly successful, but it was politically ill-conceived and had serious consequences.

“Not only did we take the hand that was extended to us, we cut off his head. I think it was totally immoral,” he said. “We destroyed Gaddafi and destroyed his country. Without worrying that it was a bulwark against Islamic terrorism. We did not expect the consequences of this disastrous campaign. It was incomprehensible that Sarkozy wanted his scalp.”

Lhuillier denied killing Gaddafi by French agents. He acknowledged that DGSE forces had cooperated with the rebels during the uprising, adding that the British SAS was also present in the country.