Index - Abroad - Trump is not selective when it comes to weeding out his Republican opponents

Index – Abroad – Trump is not selective when it comes to weeding out his Republican opponents

At stake in the primaries was who would run in the November congressional elections in Wyoming’s congressional district. There was a question as to whether Liz Cheney, daughter of former Representative, former Vice President Dick Cheney (2001-2009), would have a chance to defend her seat in the House. Dick Cheney has been one of Donald Trump’s most vocal critics.

By the way, Representative Cheney is the vice president for the January 6, 2021 riots in Washington Capitol Siege From the Democratic-led committee investigating his circumstances, he was one of the 10 Republican members of Congress who voted in January 2021 to propose removing Donald Trump as president.

Four of the ten Republican representatives resigned and four were defeated in primaries held in Wyoming, Washington, Michigan and South Carolina. In other words, eight of Trump’s 10 opponents have already been neutralized.

Liz Cheney conceded defeat in the primaries, but at the same time said that she would continue to fight against Donald Trump. Harriet Hageman won the Wyoming primary by a large margin, and her victory increased the former president’s influence within the Republican Party.

The Democrats also held primaries

In the state, Democrats also held primary elections for the House of Representatives, which were won by Gray Bull. Paul will face the Republican candidate in the mid-term congressional elections on November 8.

In Alaska, the primaries were held on Tuesday. For Republicans, the question is also how they get on the list Donald Trump Which candidates supported by and the number of votes received by Republican critics of his policies. The result of the primaries is not yet known.

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(Cover Photo: Donald Trump. Photo: Anna Moneymaker/Paul/Getty Images)

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