In a letter dated March 15, schools instructed female students to wear the hijab (a veil covering the face and body of Muslim women) and school uniforms, and prohibited men from wearing a tie.

The Taliban leadership in Afghanistan has issued a decree banning the wearing of ties in the country’s educational institutions for students and teachers, according to the US Media Research Institute MEMRI, which deals with Middle East issues, on Sunday. According to MEMRI, the Taliban authorities, who call themselves the Islamic Emirate, instructed schools in a letter dated March 15 that female students wear the hijab (a veil covering the face and body of Muslim women) and school uniforms, while men are prohibited from wearing the headscarf. He wears a tie.

Radical Islamists They came to power last August Subsequently, they began to introduce strict Islamic laws and regulations, prohibiting, among other things, cutting beards, fashionable Western hairstyles, and imposing severe restrictions on women’s rights. The new leadership of the South Asian country, claiming that music is forbidden in Islam, began to destroy musical instruments, and sentenced a large number of musicians, instrument makers, and singers to unemployment. According to local news portal, Taliban officials in the southern province of Orocho have, among other things, ordered government employees to grow beards in line with Islamic traditions.

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