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Index – abroad – The former US presidential candidate took a stab at Donald Trump and Joe Biden at the same time
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Index – abroad – The former US presidential candidate took a stab at Donald Trump and Joe Biden at the same time

Romney, 76 years old, announced in a video message that he will not run in the elections scheduled for next year. He justified his decision by saying that it was time for young politicians to get the opportunity.

“At the end of the next semester, I will be in my mid-eighties. Frankly, it is time for a new generation of leaders. I am not running for re-election, but I am not running away from the battle,” Romney said, indicating that he will complete his current term and remain in office. His position until January 2025.

He then called on Donald Trump and Joe Biden to “step down” like him and not run next year.

In response to a BBC question, he said: “Good Will beIf they both step aside, thus allowing their parties to elect someone from the next generation in its place.Romney added that he wants more young people to join Republicans and run for office, but he also noted that both parties are broadly biased It will be much betterif nominated by a younger personBy which he will measure himself in the various elections.

Quite a few people have recently questioned the fitness of 80-year-old Joe Biden and 77-year-old Donald Trump. According to a recent opinion poll, the majority consider them too old to serve their next term as president.

Mitt Romney between 2003 and 2007 He was the governor of Massachusetts, and in 2008 he ran for president in the Republican Party primaries, but John McCain, who was later defeated by Barack Obama, became the party’s nominee. But in 2012, Romney was the Republican Party’s presidential nominee, but then lost to the returning Obama.

Six years later, in 2018, he returned to politics as a senator from Utah, and in 2020 he made history by voting against the president of his party in the impeachment proceedings of Donald Trump as a senator, and then doing so. Same thing in 2021, when in another case they tried to impeach the former president over the Capitol siege.