Index - Abroad - Hungarians in Slovakia do not like the census questionnaire

Index – Abroad – Hungarians in Slovakia do not like the census questionnaire

A census will be conducted in 2021 in Slovakia. Due to the epidemiological situation, the country will be moved by online interlocutors in two phases, during that period, and then from April 1 to October. The question relates to the Hungarian community mainly because the status of citizenship and citizenship is not clarified in the questionnaire. More precisely, citizenship can only be entered in one field in the forms issued by the Slovak Statistical Office. This is not good because

Many confuse citizenship with citizenship, although citizenship (štátne občianstvo, nationality) is not the same as nationality at all (národnosť, race).

Hungarians in Slovakia also carried out a media campaign ReleaseBecause after processing the census data, it does not matter how and where national minorities will be able to use their mother tongue, or that educational and cultural subsidies that affect the country’s minorities will depend on it.

Now – it turns out The new word Several people wrote to Slovak Prime Minister Igor Matovi in ​​an open letter so that the census remains within the current framework, in addition to citizenship, the determination of nationality can continue, which could mean mother tongue, emotional, ancestry and cultural ties. The signers believe the census was not preceded by widespread social counseling.

We think it is disturbing that the two nationalities were entered without any social counseling. The previous government decided on us again without us, and the potential consequences of such census interference are unknown.

The Open Letter Sounds, which also states that the Hungarian minority in Slovakia has been struggling for decades with the assimilation problem.

It is feared that the issue of dual identity will exacerbate these problems

It can be read in the landmark declaration on the political and cultural life of the Hungarian community in Slovakia.

The message is completely complete in Slovakia Click here He can read.

(Cover photo: Census data sheet in Slovakia. Photo: Kumka Peter / MTI)

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