Index - Abroad - British millionaire murdered in his home

Index – Abroad – British millionaire murdered in his home

The elderly millionaire was suspected of being stabbed by a 34-year-old man in his Gillingham home. In the attack, Sir Richard Sutton was killed on the spot.

In addition, a woman in her 60s, reportedly his wife, was hospitalized in critical condition after the attack.

The suspect’s car has been identified – based on the license plate – and as a result

The man was arrested in Chiswick, west London.

I looked out the window and saw or 20 police cars surrounding that car… at first I thought they were filming some kind of movie scene here

Said a man who lives on the street where the man was arrested.

This is how the arrest happened

The alleged perpetrator also had to be taken to hospital due to his injuries after his arrest, but he is not said to be in a life-threatening condition.

Investigators said the suspect and victims may have known each other, but they have not made any assumptions so far about the exact motive for the attack.

Sir Richard Sutton has a net worth of £301 million, making him the 435th richest man in the UK.

Among other things, he owned two five-star hotels in London, and also had large land holdings and investments in the countryside.

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