Index - Abroad - Another recording may prove that Vladimir Putin is seriously ill

Index – Abroad – Another recording may prove that Vladimir Putin is seriously ill

A new video has raised questions about the health of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In the footage, the Russian Prime Minister appears to be puffed up as he clings to a table to recline on, New York Post. Putin’s awkward posture and dependence heighten suspicions that the president is seriously ill.

In a recording released by the Kremlin on Thursday, the 69-year-old Putin holds the table with his right hand as he sits down and holds it there for about 12 minutes. The Russian President gave a briefing to his Defense Minister Sergei Soigo.

Many say that there may be a disease in the background

Many commented on the recording, which was shared by many: According to the Swedish economist Anders Aslund and a former adviser to the Russian government, “They are both depressed and apparently in poor health.”

Former British politician Louise Minch said the recording confirms previous news that Vladimir Putin suffers from Parkinson’s disease.

Here you can see how he grabs the table so that his trembling hand doesn’t show, but he can’t stop the twitching with his foot.

Minsch said.

According to some reports, Putin recently made 35 secret appointments with a cancer doctor, but the Kremlin has so far denied that he is sick.

Eric Posey, a body language expert at Texas Tech University, said Putin’s face appears visibly swollen, saying it could indicate health issues.

(Cover photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin holds talks with Defense Minister Sergei Soigo in Moscow on April 21, 2022. Putin orders an end to the planned blockade of the Azov Steel Plant in Mariupol. Photo: MTI/AP/Russian Presidential Press Service)

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