Here is the new Russian pressure: they have blocked Ukraine’s most important port

The Black Sea Grain Initiative, which was extended by two months last week, guarantees safe exports from three Ukrainian ports – Odessa, Chornomorsk and Pivdenny.

The United Nations had already expressed concern on Monday that Bivdeni had not received any ships under the agreement since May 2.

Officially, the port of Pivdennyi is included in the initiative, but in reality it has not been for a month since there are no ships coming.

– Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Reconstruction Yury Vaskov told Reuters that according to the grain export agreement, all ships heading to Ukrainian ports should be checked by a joint team including Russian inspectors who, according to Vaskov, refused to inspect ships heading to Ukrainian ports. Pivdenny since April 29.

Pivdennyi is the largest port included in the initiative in terms of transit traffic.

According to Tuesday’s inspection plan, Russia picked up only three of the 13 submitted, according to Vaskov. All ships bound for Pivdennyi were excluded.Before invading Ukraine last February, Russia used Bivdeni to export up to 2.5 million tons of ammonia annually, which arrived at the port after being transported via pipeline from Togliatti. The reopening of the pipeline from Togliatti has been the main demand of the Russians since the beginning of the grain export agreement.

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