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In Ruzinov, people are angry about the regulation of parking: aha, what space is left for pedestrians! | New word

In Ruzinov, people are angry about the regulation of parking: aha, what space is left for pedestrians!  |  New word

In some parts of the sidewalk, people cannot cross at all, as there is not even a 30 cm distance between parked cars and bushes. Who could invent this?

On Monday, April 15, vertical and horizontal markings began in this area and people began to look in disbelief at the absurdity of the parking spaces. They don't understand how mothers with strollers or pensioners with limited mobility should navigate between parked cars and bushes. The only option is to use the road where cars travel.

We also looked at the situation and saw that it is very difficult to overtake cars. Pensioners and mothers with strollers do not pass at all. The road will reportedly be used as a sidewalk, where pedestrians will have priority over cars. However, if a retiree needs to use the road, not all places have a wheelchair accessible exit to the road. For example, seniors who have to use a four-wheeled walker have to overcome high barriers first. Has anyone even thought about them?

We asked the Ruzinovy ​​municipal district why there is so little space left on the sidewalk for pedestrians and how the district plans to ensure barrier-free transportation for elderly people who use wheelchairs or walking frames.

The elderly and disabled are trapped!

“The inner blocks are designated as residential areas with markings, so pedestrians can use the entire width of the road there. Cars must not endanger them in any way and can drive at a maximum speed of 20 km/h,” wrote Dominika Sabova, an employee in the communications department. In the municipality of Bratislava – Rozinovy: “If necessary, the driver must stop and give way to pedestrians.”

“The vehicle may be parked in the areas as indicated by traffic signals placed at the designated location. After the regulation is implemented, vehicular traffic in this section will be significantly less, as vehicles will be parked only there, and vehicles will not pass through the section several times in a row to search for Parking place.

When asked how the Rozinovy ​​District intends to ensure barrier-free access for people using wheelchairs or walking frames, when there are barriers around the sidewalk, he replied that they would be provided with building modifications. He added: “We are dealing with this along with the introduction of parking regulations, and we will be able to give a more precise date in the coming days or weeks.”

“Residents will only be able to park their cars in the section designated for the residential area. Visitors can only drive up and park in that part of the building interior for the necessary time (not for the duration of the visit, for example),” he answered when asked whether couriers or service providers – if Residents needed to repair or renovate something – how would they get into the resident section, where only residents can enter by car.

(Source: Plus Jaden Dean)

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