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I wish | Everyone is staring at this on Netflix

I wish |  Everyone is staring at this on Netflix

“A Very Rare Bird” is currently the most watched show on Netflix, which also ranks first among Hungarians, even though it is practically a report.

John Gabor

27.01.2024 – Very strangely, it is not a spectacular star-studded novelty, but a documentary, practically a reportage film series, on Netflix: in its first week it reached 21.4 million views and 48 million viewing hours worldwide. With uswhich is also number one on the top list in Hungary – despite the fact that it is

At home, the heinous and scandalous crime he addresses has little resonance.

The True American Nightmare is actually a documentary miniseries, but the total running time of its three episodes (plus three insanely clever separate chapters) is just 2 hours and 15 minutes, so it can easily be watched as an afternoon nap. We don't recommend watching it before bed, because if you don't watch it alone, you will talk about it a lot with your partner or friends. You'll stop and go draw your own version of what you saw. And it's worth making the time, because the criminal case discussed in The Real American Nightmare is a brutal emotional rollercoaster. It is better to vent through conversation, before one rests one's head on troubled dreams.

Source: Netflix

The miniseries directed by Bernadette Higgins and Felicity Morris is one of Netflix's most successful documentary projects, but what makes it more than just investigative journalism is the fact that it's still making waves, so much more of a snapshot of some broken human destinies and terrifying performances. The justice system, which is actually quite unfair from its own devices. It will make you angry. He's angry at the victims who may not be, and he's angry at the police or FBI agents who are supposed to provide “the truth.” Eventually, you will become angry at the whole system when you realize that in a similar situation, the same thing would likely happen to you, the common man, whose tax-supported powers would not be busy protecting you, but protecting you. How can they confuse the crime committed against you according to your claim? Does it sound complicated? But it is too. But the Netflix series' greatest virtue is that it wraps up the story almost entirely and doesn't leave many questions unanswered. However, it subtly generates tense doubts and too many things to talk about, and too many things to let go of.

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A spoiler-free recommendation for Netflix's fantastic new release

The Real American Nightmare is an account of one of the strangest kidnappings of recent decades. It concerns the kidnapping of Denise Hoskins in March 2015 in the house where she lived with her boyfriend Aaron Quinn in Vallejo, California. Vallejo police and the FBI always suspected that the crime was a media hack by Hoskins and Quinn, which had been invented based on the crime film Holtodiglan, which had been released a year earlier.

It is not worth describing more about this case, because there is a high probability that you do not remember it either. An American crime for nearly ten years, it appeared in the Hungarian press at the level of marginal notes at most. The less you know about it, the better, because it will make watching The Real American Nightmare even more exciting, and you can do so with the benefit of having one of the most horrific legitimate federal conspiracy cases ever presented in the most comprehensive way possible. Summary possible. It was very hard work, but he didn't get away with it. Because then it will be no different from the people in authority, who you put at the table. Smart content that can't be missed. It's refreshing that one of these movies has become the most watched on Netflix.

The service provider continues its great journey this year:

Netflix: The Squid Game and many other hit series will soon continue

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