Sándor Oszter said it all, that's how it is now with Lake Budajenő

Sándor Oszter said it all, that’s how it is now with Lake Budajenő

Sandor Oszter In 2017, overnight, he carried land from Börzsöny’s stomach to form a private lake of thousands of cubic meters in the immediate vicinity of his villa. Residents of the district already began a fierce protest at the beginning of the work, because, in their opinion, the actor seriously endangered his project and still endangered the 27-hectare Jenői Lake. The oysters diverted a stream to feed the lake, but the stream itself is also in dire need of a large lake for fresh water.

Bors visited Sándor Oszter to find out what’s going on around the lake at the moment.

“Although there was already a court ruling in 2018 that everything in the environment should return to its original state, it was a mistake,” Sándor Oszter said at Bors’ request, adding:

“The second case revealed the truth and left the original charts in place, which means that no one can argue today that everything is legally correct about the lake.”

But what do locals say now, years after the first discussions, of Lake Representative? Were they accepted, loved, or maybe they still couldn’t stand it? And what is your form now? All of this is evident from the Friday issue of Borse!

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