Mindenen átgázol a Hyundai teherhordó robotja

Hyundai Tiger SUV without driver

Land-based intelligent transformational robot: If we don’t stick to the eye-catching name, we can describe a Hyundai driverless car. If we like buzzing names, we can use the English term abbreviation: Tiger (Intelligent Earth Flight Robot Transform).

The tiger is very reminiscent of the first Hyundai Elite On the other hand, he drives himself and is not used to transport passengers but to transport goods, but he is able to perform this task anywhere on earth.

The car, of course, has all-wheel drive, but these wheels are mounted on long, extendable “legs” that you can walk on if it’s more practical on the terrain. An additional advantage of the legs is that they allow you to keep your cargo space, for as long as possible, as horizontal as possible.

Tiger was created for Hyundai Engine’s California design studio, founded late last year: this new office was created specifically to design self-propelled structures.

Pregnant Hyundai Robot 2 gaskets in everything

The modular body is able to move 360 ​​degrees, and its sensors can be used to remotely monitor the environment in which it is moving.

Meaning impassable terrain, the question arises of how to get there – well, in the air, by connecting it to Hyundai’s robotic plane that not only transports but charges as well.

Also watch Tiger’s video:

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