Hockey World Cup: The United States scored an easy victory over Canada

Hockey World Cup: The United States scored an easy victory over Canada

On Sunday’s match day of the group stage of the Men’s World Hockey Championship in Riga, the defending champions were knocked out by the Finns 2-1 from Kazakhstan, while Belarus beat the Swedes 1-0. The United States beat Canada 5-1 on the day, while Switzerland beat Denmark 1-0.

The US was an easy success over Canada (Photo: AFP)

The defending hero Where are you The United States defeated 2-1 in the first round of the group stage, A. Kazakhstan national team But he was not met by victory. Leadership Anton Lundell Finland scored in the second third, but Kazakhstan equalized in two minutes. There have been no more goals scored in the recent period, so overtime may come. No decision has been made regarding the addition, Finally, on penalties, the Kazakh national team won – No small surprise.


At the same time Belarus Identical With Sweden. There were no goals in the first two thirds and only 33 seconds into the third game when Belarus advanced. This feature was eventually retained and was a huge surprise They won 1-0.

On the day of the match Canada And that United States of America They clashed with each other – due to the ongoing ice hockey playoffs with reserve formations. However, the match was a competition in his name only, as the United States scored an easy victory: he won the first third 1-0 and the second 3-0.

The Canadians have beautified the final part of the game, however Then they scored another goal, and ultimately they finished 5-1. The Canadian goalkeeper has missed a match before. The Canadian national team suffered a historic defeat: For the first time in the history of the World Championship, the 26-time winning North American national team started with two defeats.

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Switzerland a The Danish national team He stepped on the ice. The first advanced in the first quarter (1-0), while he did not score any goal in the second half. The Danes failed to equalize in the third quarter as well, so they stayed 1–0.

Elite World Championship, Riga
3. National Action Program
the group
-Great Britain 2–1 (1–0, 1–1, 0–0)
Sweden-Belarus 0-1 (0-0, 0-0, 0-1)
SwitzerlandDenmark 1–0 (1–0, 0-0, 0-0)
the work: 1. Russia 6 points (11-4), 2. Slovakia 6 (7-3), 3. Switzerland 6 (6-2), 4. Denmark 3 (4-4), 5. Belarus 3 (3-5) 6. Sweden 0 (3-5), 7. Czech Republic 0 (5-9), 8. Great Britain 0 (2-9)

Group B.
Norway-Italy 4–1 (1–0, 2–0, 1–1)
Finland-Kazakhstan 1-2 – with one shot (0–0, 1–1, 0–0)
Canada-United States 1-5 (0–1, 0–3, 1–1)
the work: 1. Germany 6, 2. Kazakhstan (5-3), 3. Latvia 4 (4-3), 4. Finland 4 (3-3), 5. The United States of America 3 (6-3), 6. Norway 3 (5) –6), 7. Canada 0 (1-7), 8. Italy 0 (5-13)

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