Heavily ill Salma Blair was raised at the Dr Flavy meeting

Heavily ill Salma Blair was raised at the Dr Flavy meeting

Reese and the team fell out, and Salma, who had symptoms of multiple sclerosis, didn’t say either.

The first part of Doctor Szöszi was shown 19 years ago, and the 44-year-old actress organized a meeting with the actors on that occasion, of course in an online context regarding the pandemic, he writes Entertainment Weekly.

In addition to Reese, Luke Wilson, Jennifer College, Holland Taylor, Matthew Davis, Ali Larter, Alana Aubach and Jessica Covel, they joined the conversation, so the team was almost complete. The biggest surprise was the presence of Salma Blair who had been suffering from multiple sclerosis symptoms for years, even though she enjoyed her colleagues’ flashy jokes.

In the virtual meeting, they laughed a lot, nostalged, cried, of course only in their joy, and even retried one of the defining details of the movie: lean and stretch!

And they might work together again soon, although it is not yet known exactly who will be returning in the next section.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer officially announced a year ago that it would be making the third installment of the film, which may hit the movie screen in May 2022. Reese Whiterspoon is hiding once again in the role of Elle Woods, but this time also tasked with producer duties. Beside him, Luke Wilson is also expected to be in the sequel, who has already mentioned numerous times how keen he is to get back to Elle’s sweetheart character.

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