He will play Pekesca on Sunday to reach the rankings

István Albert’s winning goal against Teshakiczki in the last minute of extra time kept Bekiskesaba 1912 Elori’s hopes alive. The team is preparing with double strength for the most difficult and important match of the tournament. It will not be easy to get the three points, which represent the possibility of a ranking position, as the Ajka team, which secured third place a week ago with a confident 3-0 win in Dorog, is strong (it also won the match in Bekescapa 1-0) and is preparing to celebrate with its fans .

However, Pekescapa’s only chance is to win, but until then there is no guarantee that he will finish 18th in the division, because it is necessary that Nyiregyhaza or Centlirink, who are now in front of them, do so. not beat.

There is no doubt that the acting head coach Josef Pastur will do everything in his power to adequately shoot his players, who will also be able to fight for their honor in Ajka.

An important change compared to last week is that the suspension of one of the team’s drivers, youngster Ahmed Chicos, has ended.

On Saturday, Békéscsba’s team will hold a training session in Kórház utca, and then travel to the match venue.

Before the match on the club’s official website, Gyula Geni, the successful coach of the successful Ajka team, said:
“We will play a team that fights for its life,” said the coach. Since only winning is acceptable for them, I hope they play attacking football, and I’m sure we’ll play an exciting and great match. We want to say goodbye to the season successfully.

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Revised program for the 38th session. May 21, Sunday, 5 p.m.: Gyirmót – MTK Budapest, Haladás-DVTK, Soroksár – Mosonmagyaróvár, Pécs – Dorog. 19.45: ETO FC Győr – Csákvár, Siófok – Kozármisleny, Tiszakécske – Budafok, Ajka-Békéscsaba, Kazincbarcika – Szentlőrinc, Nyíregyháza – Szeged-Csanád Grosád.

FC Ajka-Békéscsaba 1912 Elörere kicks off on Sunday at 19:45. The referee will be Marcel Dirdac, assisted by assistants Stéphane Cixigny and Gabor Meyer.

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