Index - Tech-Science - There will be a solar eclipse in Hungary on Tuesday

Index – Tech-Science – There will be a solar eclipse in Hungary on Tuesday reports that on October 25 we will see a partial solar eclipse, which can be seen over most of Europe, including Hungary. The eclipse is in Hungarian time

It starts around 10.58 and ends around 15.01.

During this time, the moon passes in front of the sun and thus covers a large part of the celestial body. As can be seen from Hungary, about a third of the sun disappears, but those who wish to witness the event should wear appropriate protective equipment, because they

Anyone who observes sunlight with the naked eye or with inadequate protective equipment may experience permanent visual impairment.

The He also announced that in the center of the region affected by the eclipse (which will now be outside the Arctic Circle, eastern Hungary) the moon covers about 82 percent of the sun. For this reason, four-fifths of the sun will be covered in many places in Russia, but in Finland and Norway the maximum value will be only 62-63 percent (which decreases as you go south and west).

The eclipse will also be broadcast live on YouTube, including on the Greenwich Observatory website.

Tuesday’s solar eclipse will be the second this year, as there was one on April 30 – although it can’t be seen from Hungary. For the current partial solar eclipse, we have also created a test that you can use to test whether What do you know about such events?.

The next total solar eclipse is expected next year, on April 20, 2023.

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(Cover image: People interested view the partial solar eclipse with telescopes from Széchenyi Square in the capital on March 20, 2015. Photo: Tamás Kovács/MTI)

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