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He entered the start at the last moment, still on the podium

He entered the start at the last moment, still on the podium

László Jóború started running in 2019 because he saw others run and thought he would be able to do it too. He took a sports lesson and finished training, although at that time he only covered thirty kilometers a month. Then in the company where he worked, they were looking for a guy for Ultra Tisza-tó relay.

“From there, running became regular, because I didn’t want to be the weakest on the team. I wasn’t, I completed my distances with a time of 4:30-4:40.

My friends tell me I run well because I ride my bike a lot, and go everywhere with it, which gives me a good foundation.

Of course, even my weight was greater at that time, I was about ninety-three kilograms. Now that I have been running for four and a half years, my weight is about seventy-seven to seventy-eight kilos, and I also pay more attention to my meals, I prefer to eat less.

In the summer of 2020, after UTT, he started watching races, at that time it was still short distances. He secured his first podium finish at the seven kilometer Sobi Panorama Run.

“We started the 14 and 21 kilometer races at the same time. There was a turning point where I looked at who was spinning and who was leading. At first there were five people in front of me, but in the next stage I saw that I would be third. That’s how it happened. At the start, In my first seven-kilometer race, I won a bronze medal.

The following year he set his sights on the half marathon distance, competing almost every weekend, as the Napfelkelte Half-Marathon. During his training, fate brought him together with many new acquaintances and friends. After several half marathons, the Spar Marathon came along. Before that, he actually went to the Maratonman for a foot test and also invested in a good pair of running shoes.

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“I completed my first Spar marathon with a time of three hours and twenty-four minutes. The following year, relay races popped up, but I also started some half-marathons individually, and that’s when I started going to the Runaway WTF races. There, at the top, in Buda, I finished Third place right away.

This spring, he finished first in the L-distance of the WTF Börzsöny track, a 23-kilometre course. He ran that race last year too, and he was also the first in the asphalt race, so he thought now he’d see what he could do on the field. The gold medal came here too.

Most recently, on May 20, 2. Trigo finished second at the Badacsony Marathon and first in his age group with a time of 3:17:47.

“This was my second Badacsony marathon. I started last year too, and I could have done very well, but I didn’t care about the heat, I didn’t have a cover, I got a little tired after the second lap, so unfortunately I’m ten minutes down from third.

This year, I prepared more consciously, started to lay the foundation earlier, and I already had five hundred kilometers in January.

The race went well, now I had a hat on, and I took jelly and salt tablets with me. Although it was funny because I was in the toilet a minute before the start, I usually get into the start at the very last minute.”

In addition to the aforementioned competitions, László also participated in the 16 kilometers of Korinthosz, in which he came first. He also finished first in the previous Ultrabalaton Half Marathon, but at the time he had not yet run on a team. But he also loved relay races, especially since he won a gold medal in the current Ultrabalathon in a team with Boglárka Kecskemét.

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“I don’t have such a big dream of running in a super game. Of course I have goals, for example, I want to get results in under three hours on the Spar. I’ve never had a coach before, so a lot of people wonder how I run so well. I’ve been going to the Spartans for two years, and at the end of the summer I’m going to Slovakia for a fifty kilometer run.My longest run so far was the fifty-four kilometer UTH, but I didn’t run it in competition, but my friend and I did the road together. I’m also thinking about relays, 80 km from Corinth alone would be a lot, but I think we can achieve a good result in a triathlon relay. I always jump into what I feel is a challenge, and that’s how I push forward.”

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