GCSE Admissions: How many government scholarship places universities have announced for teacher training courses this year?

To put it mildly, it wasn’t the most popular field: last year 6,453 people started some form of teacher training. We looked at the number of government scholarship places announced by universities and colleges for teacher training courses this year.

The Ministry of Innovation hasn’t done much about it, however Evidenced by admission information: This year, there will be no central initial score limits for the 40 popular majors, for which so far only applicants with relatively high scores can secure a place on a state scholarship. However, there are “framework numbers”: applicants can see the total number of state-supported places in different fields of study. In previous years, there was also an initial point limit for teacher training courses. This year there is no such initial requirement, but universities have announced a fixed number of free places in the training area, and we have calculated it.

In 2023, there will be 10,685 government places in the field of teacher education, distributed among universities as follows:

  • Abu Filmos Catholic College 225
  • Budapest University of Economics 60
  • Janus Brenner College of Religious Studies 22
  • Budapest College of Contemporary Dance 20
  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics 615
  • University of Debrecen 1358
  • Debrecen Reform University of Religious Studies 80
  • Dunaujváros University 180
  • Eger College of Religious Studies 10
  • Evangelical University for Religious Studies 165
  • Joseph Eotvos College 160
  • Karoly Eszterhazy Catholic University 1245
  • Eotvos Lorand University 3507
  • Ferenc Gall University 415
  • Karoly Gaspar Reform University 665
  • Ferenc Liszt University of Music 167
  • Hungarian University of Agricultural and Life Sciences 275
  • Miskolc University 539
  • Milton Friedman University 30
  • 35- Hungarian University of Fine Arts
  • Moholy-Nagy University of the Arts 15
  • Hungarian Dance University 42
  • Hungarian University of Physical Education and Sport Sciences 155
  • Nyirgyhaza University 437
  • Ubuda University 54
  • Bannon University 209
  • Pécs Episcopal College of Religious Studies 39
  • Pazmani Peter Catholic University 431
  • University of Pécs 1572
  • Semmelweis University 120
  • Sopron University 486
  • Sapientia College of Religious Studies 165
  • Saint Athanasius Greek Catholic College of Religious Studies 40
  • Istvan Checheni University 306
  • Szeged University 1492
  • 90- Tokaj Higyala University
  • Archbishop College Vesembr 25
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It is interesting that last year a total of 11,977 people applied for such training at a university and a total of 6,453 were accepted (by the way, this It was a negative record in recent years).

Are you curious about this year’s capacity figures for other universities as well? click here.

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