Gasly is two points away from a suspension

Gasly is two points away from a suspension

Alpha Toure’s Pierre Gasly came close to being suspended after receiving a penalty point plus a five-second penalty for his maneuvering against Lance Stroll.

Because of his upbeat and somewhat aggressive overtaking, which eventually drove his Canadian opponent off the track, Gasly actually received a five-second penalty during the race (he had to do it while changing his first tire), and after finishing, as the FIA ​​punished him ) with a penalty point.

That point in and of itself wouldn’t be considered a harsh penalty, but Gasly has “gathered” nine points since May, and with the last point, he was again closer to a one-race ban, which comes twelve penalty units later.

With penalty points only expire after 12 months, Gasly should be able to ride without further penalties until next May, which means he will have to pay special attention to faultless performance in a total of nine race weekends.

Pierre Gasly (Photo: XPB)

Incidentally, he was also asked about the possible suspension, and during his statement he indicated that he would not feel it was fair to miss a fight after all penalty points were for minor infractions.. “I don’t think I’ve been that serious in the past 12 months“, He said.

It would be a shame to get a one-race ban because I’ve gone too slowly behind the safety car on one occasion this year and have extended the track a few times.Added the Frenchman, who agrees in his opinion many competitors.

Furthermore, he hinted that the competition management would not hesitate to punish minor infractions in the future. “Points are now awarded for violations of this safety car, or for track expansion, and the ultimate penalty for this is a single race ban. This is very difficult and we all agree, even the referees” – Tell.

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