Elon Musk leaves Silicon Valley

Elon Musk leaves Silicon Valley

According to the billionaire, “Silicon Valley already has a very big impact on the world! It’s time for a change.”

“Musk is moving his headquarters near Austin, Texas, and there are probably several reasons for that.” Announced on Friday index. As they write, the reason to move to Wall Street Journal In response to a question from Elon Musk,

Silicon Valley is already making a big impact in the world! Time for a change. “

In addition to the billionaire’s response, press reports said Musk had long criticized California’s leadership. He thinks they’re comfortable, they consider the Tenggur all here, and the guys with the inventor’s vein all want to move here too. This is why California no longer does anything to encourage startups or maintain an already successful business. State Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom hasn’t taken the criticism seriously yet.

California is not the cheapest place for business people, but it is the best place! “

Newsom responded to criticism of high California tax rates and unaffordable real estate prices.

Companies move, companies stay

Elon Musk decided to leave California Hewlett-Packard Also, those whose roots go back to the beginning of Silicon Valley. They announced a week before Elon Musk announced that they would also be moving to Texas. With this, California falls short of the multi-million dollar tax collection.

But let’s not forget that, among other things, Google’s parent company,

Alphabet and Facebook are headquartered in Silicon Valley.

The California governor has so far failed to answer questions about Elon Musk’s departure.

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