Forget the capsule coffee, the coffee ball era is coming |  Sciences

Forget the capsule coffee, the coffee ball era is coming | Sciences

In 1976, Nestlé patented single-use coffee capsules, which have been in production since 1986, but it seems we can soon forget about them, because a new, innovative and environmentally friendly coffee ball is coming, which can be composted.

In recent years, coffee capsules have become so popular that you just drop them into a convenient machine and a steaming drink to start the day ready in seconds. But most capsules are made of aluminum and plastic, which are difficult to degrade, and efforts to recycle them haven’t proven very promising. CoffeeB is a company Her innovation can change everything, the company has created a compostable coffee ball.

The balls can be stored at room temperature or in the refrigerator for up to three months after opening, but you also need a special coffee maker to make the brew. Once the ball is placed in the machine, it begins to soften it with water, then the machine pierces the casing and pumps more water into it while pressing the ball. Make coffee for us at a pressure of 7-12 bar. The compressed ball then disintegrates in less than four weeks.

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