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Excellence in scientific and cultural life

Excellence in scientific and cultural life

Esther Vitalius, Deputy Minister of Culture and Innovation and State Secretary of Culture Magdolna Zavojian presented State Awards and Cultural Honors on the occasion of August 20.

In recognition of his high quality work, he was awarded the Hungarian Order of Merit from the Civil Section Carole Elkis, PhD in Biological Sciences, Honorary Research Professor at the Balaton Institute for Research in Biology of the Etvös Lorand Research Network and Joseph Kaiser Chemical engineer, Ph.D. of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Head of the Organic Chemistry and Bioconformation Research Group at the Faculty of Engineering Sciences Center of Bannon University, University Professor.

The Civil Section of the Hungarian Order of Merit was awarded for its high quality work Mrs. Margit Bodog Inish Chemical Engineer, Emeritus Associate Professor in the Department of Materials Engineering, College of Engineering, Bannon University W Adrian Ilona is not born Chemical Engineer, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Technical Informatics at Bannon University, Associate Professor.

In recognition of his outstanding activity, he was awarded the Hungarian Golden Order of Merit from the Civil Section Tibor Holchinger Information Technology Engineer, Deputy Director General of the University Center for Circular Economy at Bannon University, Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Informatics at the College of Informatics and Sylvia Balaji Archaeologist, museologist, retired director of the Gisela Keralini Museum in Veszprém, retired senior employee of the Veszprém County Museum Directorate.

In recognition of its high-quality professional work, the Civil Section was awarded the Hungarian Silver Cross of Merit Balaz GalDirector of the Directorate of Education at Bannon University W Judit NationalDeputy Director of the Economic Directorate of Bannon University.

In recognition of his distinguished activity, he was awarded the Order of Civil Merit and the Hungarian Bronze Cross of Merit Pankotini Marta MihalchikThe methodological reference of the non-profit National Cultural Institute Közhasznú Kft., Gabor SovigisChief of Staff of the President of Bannon University W Laszlo SzaboPhotographer of the Graphics and Photography Workshop at Bannon University Library and Knowledge Center.

He was awarded the Giorgi Pesini Prize in recognition of his long distinguished public cultural activities, and his activities in the development of modern culture and artistic taste. Matthew Elise Writer, sociologist, former village researcher at the National Institute of Culture, former founding editor-in-chief of the journal Szín – Közösségi Mölvendés.

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