Exatlon: Renee's tearful farewell leads to bone-piercing pain

Exatlon: Renee’s tearful farewell leads to bone-piercing pain

Rákóczi Reni is a man with a pure heart and an athlete who is grateful to have such a team by his side and behind him as All Star champions.

Renee was the last to be eliminated from the Exatlon Hungary All Star Stadium, so he no longer had a chance to win the main prize of HUF 15 million. In his case, it was decided very soon that there was no real chance of that, because he had very few skill missions.

The heroes tried to protect him for a long time, but it was only a matter of time before a duel took place. This happened on Friday after the competitors failed on Thursday, the second day of the final.

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Renee’s fencing performance was assured by his worst stats, and Krisztián decided to fight Iza in the first round. The battle was fiercer than expected, but the cards prevailed and Iza continued.

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Renee had to deal with Dorka, who had duel with Dorsey before. The little girl confidently fought her place, but it seemed that she did not like Puget to send her and had to attend a third duel already.

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