Even on dry water and in murky weather - Miller did.

Even on dry water and in murky weather – Miller did.

Weather forecasts prove accurate this time, and Celestials have written a script for the French Grand Prix that put riders in the toughest conditions in place. Ride a motorcycle with slick tires in the rain, change engines, then keep the wet tires alive on the drying track, and at the end the wind rose. Jack Miller took the hurdles better, although he also gained two additional weights.


Miller Won (Image: motogp.com)

Standing on the starting net, dark clouds were already gathering over the track, and there was not much to wait for the rain. He started looking at the third lap and later collapsed into a lap properly, so the riders got a white flag mark, meaning the engine change became free from that time onwards.

At the end of the fifth lap, the field was almost completely out into the pit lane, except for Joan Mir, who didn’t get there anymore because she fell into corner 12.

Suzuki’s nightmare doesn’t end here, as after returning to the track after changing the engine, Alex Reigns also fell into corner 4. According to his own account, he only blames himself, he used the first brakes, even though they never pressed there. Although he returned to racing, he went out for his other engine, but on lap 14 he restarted the engine, which meant the end of the race for him.

While replacing the engine, Marc Marquez took the lead, ahead of Fabio Quartararo, who was later found to have made a mistake during the lead. His teammate, Maverick Vinales, stopped in front of his box, luckily he didn’t ride his bike … as if he didn’t waste enough time for the extra meters he had to run, he even got a long penalty kick after that. The hosts investigated the case, and it was done on lap 12.

But Quartararo wasn’t the only one to receive a long penalty kick. Two of the factory drivers, Jack Miller and Pico Bagnaya, drove quickly down the pit lane, so they had to execute the penalty twice.

Miller also knew the coin on rolls 9 and 10 and wasted almost no time behind the pioneering Quartararo at the time. So much so, that he also advanced into the sixth corner on lap 12, before the Frenchman took a penalty on the long lap.

Meanwhile, where was Marc Marquez, who was a second and a half ahead of the seventh lap? Yes, they found out – it fell. From the lead at the end of the eighth lap to the finish line. He returned to the race in 18th place, and on lap 17 ahead of Luca Marini he could have followed in Valentino Rossi’s footsteps when he fell again, this time in the sixth corner. He let a great chance out of his hands today, and he’s so frustrated when he’s understandably and obviously back in the box.

In the second half of the distance, Yohan Zarco started to ride a better and better rhythm, thanks to the mixture of medium and medium water, which worked better on the drying track. He first outperformed Taka Nakagami, then, after working in about 12 seconds, he caught up with fellow countryman Kwartaru and finished second from him.

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With this, for the second time in a row, the Bologna can enjoy the Ducati 1-2, even if this time one of the pilots is not a member of the factory team, but a competitor with whom the factory has contracted.

Meanwhile, Nakagami has also lost additional positions. For fourth place, three remained in the race, four laps ahead of each other on the neck. Pecco Bagnaia finally scored 13 points, and although he lost the lead in the group, he is one point behind Quartararo, who seems to have reached the podium with great pleasure for this reason.

Until the last laps, Danilo Petrucci was confident he could stand on the podium at Le Mans for the fourth time in a row, but he also ran his best KTM races so far. Alex Marquez’s sixth place can also be a huge relief after the many mistakes and hardships he’s been a part of so far this year, plus he’s shut down as the best dog.

For the first time, the Aprilias aircraft were grappling with the reliability issue, with the engine stalled under both pilots. In the end, there was not enough left in the Zarco tires to catch up with Miller, who turned his back very well. Last week the Australian proved he can win a race not only in rain but also in drought, and today he can win in conditions from science to science. Since Casey Stoner’s success in 2012, Miller has been the first Australian to see the checkered flag for the first time in two consecutive MotoGP races.

The full end result is here.

There’s another crazy talent here

In juniors, we talked a lot and we were already talking about Pedro Acosta, but it’s also time to pay attention to Raul Fernandez, who as one of the Moto2 rookies is increasingly providing a mature and balanced performance. It is no coincidence that Alex Espargaro said over the weekend that he would like to see him as a teammate of Aprilia next year. Although he wasn’t the best in the beginning, it was Marco Bizici who also led in the first laps.

Right at the start of the race, Aaron Kane was thrown off the engine while he was in third, and he couldn’t finish the first lap either.

On the fourth lap, one of the league’s biggest chances, Sam Luiz, made a foul again in the eighth corner, plus he knocked the engine out from under Xavi Verge. The Lowes would get a lot of those zeros, and wouldn’t reach the finish line a second time in three races. Although he made it to the podium when he reached the finish line, the competition in Moto2 is extremely tough. The British fell to fourth from second place.

Joe Roberts also let go of his hands as he measured his braking distance in second place, knocking Bezzech out from behind, and ending up in the cobblestone bed. This also annoyed the Italian, so even at the end of that lap he lost the lead, as Fernandez immediately used his influence. Then Al-Bzchi’s fears began to build up after the collision (but not because of it), and the engine became more and more “nervous” under his drive, which often prevented him from keeping him on the lane, so he was warned not to leave the lane. In the end, six fouls before the end, he made a foul in turn eight, as he drifted out so Remy Gardner could easily overtake him. For now, Pizzi can’t help but be happy that he led the lead again for a few laps and finished podium for the second time in a row.

Gardner ended up in second place, a second and a half behind his teammate, maintaining his lead in the league, albeit just one point ahead of Raul Fernandez, who is currently waiting second in the table to continue. Gardner was stopped in the first laps, so he had to catch ninth, causing his tires to eventually run out, leaving him with no chance of winning.

Also worth noting is category rookie Tony Arbolino, whose best result so far is 11th in the Doha Grand Prix, so his fourth place is a big step forward, and we’ll see if he can stay in. The fore in the future.

The full end result is here.

Happy endings on the podium after a crazy race

Before the morning warm-up training for the MotoGPs, the rain stopped and then the sun set, thanks to which the Moto3s started on a wet track, but drying spots already appeared under the lap of the exit. The tire choice was straightforward, everyone started out with a wet tire, and only one combination was available, so there was no need to think about it either. The tough mix was a guarantee of tire continuity throughout the race, even when the track was dry, but accordingly it “slipped” too much, and the engine moved under the riders.

Although Andrea Minho, who started from first place, got the best start, but made a mistake at first, escaped from the field and fell back to fifth. It didn’t turn out well for him later, as he did all weekend, and now he can’t find a beat on the wet track.

Jaume Masia took the lead, but it didn’t take long either, the engine started under him as well, so the two immediately outdid him – but he at least remained in the seat at the time. At the end of the first round, Niccol Antonelli moved to the finish line, and fell into the hands of a man.

In the second round, Masia is no longer lucky, in the eighth round she also throws a side high, and it is not yet known if her wrist or hands are injured. We were not left without drama in the third round either, World Championship leader Pedro Acosta slipped into the triple corner, having already fallen twice on Saturday. Luckily, neither he nor the engine was injured, so he returned to the field in 21st.

The fall line continued, but let’s take a look at those who managed to stay in the engine.

Sergio Garcia led almost all the way and there were only a few laps as Philippe Salac, who was second, managed to squeeze him out by running better lap times and halving the half-second difference between them. Second.

The Spaniard only once made a bigger mistake, in turn on the eighth of lap 13, when he drifted a little, and took advantage of that, Salak also walked in front of him. But at the end of the lap and at the finish line, Garcia was already in the corner and back in 1st place before each turn.

Not only the two, but also Ricardo Rossi, who finished third, had an amazing race, which raised the odds. While running several of the fastest times in the last laps, John McVeigh approached him, but the British could no longer get into an offensive position. McPhee may still be happy that he didn’t do anything wrong and were not fired by the others, so for the first time this year, he finished a race without Kalamajka and scored points at the end.

All three podium winners made their debut at the World Cup in 2019 as permanent competitors. Garcia in the second race, as he was only 16 years old until Salak was able to start his home race in Brno in 2018 with a free card.

Garcia already won the race in Valencia in 2019 and finished second three more times, while Salak and Rossi have now managed to climb to the podium for the first time. This was his 38th race between the last two, with Salak scoring 15 times so far, with his best finish being fifth, while Rossi finished seven times in the top fifteen and his best result was at 11th.

Acosta eventually managed to reset himself to eighth place, but was able to increase his composite advantage thanks to Antonelli’s fall and Menio’s poor performance. Thanks to his overall race victory today, Sergio Garcia is second, 54 points behind Acosta.

The full end result is here.

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