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Europe's favorite small car, the Toyota Yaris, has been revamped

Europe's favorite small car, the Toyota Yaris, has been revamped

Available as an exclusive color option for the new Yaris Premiere Edition and GR SPORT models, the body painted in Neptun Blue enhances the exclusivity and appeal of the model, giving the car a special appearance. This distinctive two-tone color choice enhances the Yaris' already impressive appearance and emphasizes the model's unique style. The new Yaris features Toyota's new and expanded T-Mate advanced safety and driver assistance features, as well as the Smart Digital Key function, which works with smartphone applications to make driving easier. All these innovations and developments are delivered while maintaining the Yaris' reputation for high quality, efficiency and driving pleasure, thus strengthening Toyota's position in the B-segment in Europe.

In the world of Toyota, everything can and will continue to be improved. This principle – Kaizen – is embodied in the innovations and developments presented in the new Yaris. Toyota's latest generation of hybrid small cars has been a huge success since its introduction in 2020, and now it's getting better. The new model range builds on Yaris' previous achievements, enhancing its appeal in key areas and implementing new technologies to make the range even more desirable. Performance, safety and form have been carefully scrutinized to ensure that the model remains a leader in Europe's highly competitive B segment. Key updates include a new and more powerful hybrid powertrain, important new and improved safety and driver assistance features, an all-new instrument cluster and a multimedia system that takes full advantage of digital technology.

These benefits are offered without compromising on the qualities that have made the Yaris so popular: a high-quality car that is easy to live with, fun to drive and highly efficient. Designed for European customers, the new Yaris builds on the model's established reputation for innovation and excellence in small car design and engineering.

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Greater performance, experiences and choice thanks to the new Hybrid 130 drive

The new Yaris offers buyers a new, more powerful self-charging hybrid powertrain called 'Hybrid 130'. In addition to the proven “Hybrid 115” version, the new “Hybrid 130” benefits from Toyota’s fifth-generation hybrid technology to provide better acceleration, which essentially integrates with the car’s smart character.

It is this level of performance that is becoming an increasing priority for B-Segment buyers, especially customers upgrading to a smaller car than before. With the new “two-part hybrid” product strategy, Toyota is broadening the appeal of the Yaris in a critical area: for most customers, the hybrid powertrain is the most important consideration when purchasing.

The 1.5-liter plug-in hybrid system has achieved impressive results since its introduction, based on exceptionally low fuel consumption and emissions, as well as more advanced capabilities in pure electric EV mode. These features have been maintained and improved to increase performance.

The most significant change is the introduction of a new hybrid clutch with a more powerful electric motor (its power increased from 59 kW to 62 kW) and changes in the software and hardware of the power control unit (PCU). The result is a 12 percent increase in total system power, from 116 (85 kW) to 130 hp (96 kW). Not only has the performance data on the data plate improved, but also the capabilities experienced during real use, made possible by, among other things, a 30 percent increase in the maximum torque of the MG2 electric motor – the torque has increased from 141 Nm to 185 Nm, available across the entire speed range

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All this leads to better acceleration: the reference value for acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h has improved by half a second, i.e. 9.2 seconds. Likewise, performance has improved in terms of agility, which is important when overtaking: the car can change speed from 80 to 120 km/h in 7.5 seconds.

Toyota's many years of experience in hybrid technology ensure that CO2 emissions increase only slightly, compared to the “Hybrid 115” version, to 87-98 g/km. The latter is considered the best value in this class, while fuel consumption remains stable at 4.2-5.1 l/100 km (WLTP combined cycle data).

Fuel economy is further improved with features such as Hill Descent and Congestion Predictive Charge Control, which uses a combination of data from the navigation system to ensure that the battery charge level while driving the electric vehicle depends on the route, traffic and gradients, further increasing efficiency. The new 'Hybrid 130' is standard on the new Yaris Premiere Edition and GR Sport models. It is also available in higher trim levels in some European markets.

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